Definitions for "DOnut"
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DOnut's goal is to provide a framework for easing the incorporation of design patterns into the development process. DOnut is both a project and a tool for generating source code based on design patterns.
A hard shot aimed at or near the goalie's head, which results in a goal. Also called a "bunny."
Same as bunny.
A space on a tape that will eventually be taken up by commercials. These normally appear as black video with no audio. They can run the full length of the commercial break, or they can be condensed into 30-second sections.
Private Franklin Delano Donut is a main fictional character in Rooster Teeth Productions' machinima comic science fiction video series Red vs. Blue. Voiced by Dan Godwin, Donut first appears in episode 3 of as a new recruit, whose garrulous personality tends to annoy other members of the , a group of soldiers engaged in a futuristic civil war against the .
a jingle package or branding package with singing at the beginning and end and a gap in the middle that can be "filled" with different pieces of information while the donut itself remains the same.
A term for an animation that has a start middle (the hole), and an end. The start is an open, followed by a transition to a keyable hole or a place to edit in an updatable middle, followed by a tag, a closing piece which sometimes includes a show time and air date.
a small ring-shaped friedcake
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DONUT (Direct Observation of the NU Tau, E872) was an experiment at Fermilab dedicated to the search for tau neutrino interactions. Even though the detector operated only during a few months in the summer of 1997, it was largely successful. By detecting the tau neutrino, it confirmed the existence of the last lepton predicted by the Standard Model.
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see exhaust gasket down pipe drag racing drag radials DSM dual overhead cam
a firmly soft plastic sleeve used to seal the sewer hose connector into the sewer pipe
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a round fried doughy pastrylike food
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A game won by a score of 15-0.
If you score zero (0) games in a set this may be referred to as a Donut.
A 15-0 game. The loser is said to have received the "donut" or zero.
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A party you hold after a victorious match, where you shutout the oppositions, 15-0 and 15-0. See Goose Egg also.
A formation wherein the jumpers form a `caterpillar' star - all grips are one hand on the other jumper's same leg (i.e. right on right), and the people are sideways to the center of the formation.
a intriguing business and studying more about it can be extremely fulfilling
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Allowing the rear wheels of a vehicle to burn rubber, causing the car to rotate around the front tires, again and again.
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a surface of genus one
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(n) See feed-through.