Definitions for "taper"
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A small wax candle; a small lighted wax candle; hence, a small light.
A long narrow wax-covered wick that is put into the candle lighter; or, a small candle for use by members of the congregation at vigils and other services; also, any candle.
In referance to a airplane wing planform no taper is where the leading edge and trailing edge are parallel from the wing root to the tip. "Single taper" is where the leading edge or trailing edge tapers from the wing root to the tip "double taper" is where the both leading and trailng edges taper from the root to the tip. Also known as "wing planform" or "wing taper" Report this Word See also: Wing Planform Added by: dalolyn
A change in training routine to start preparing the swimmer for a Championship Meet.
The resting phase of a senior swimmer at the end of the season before the championship meet.
a period of time in which a swimmer's body and brain get ready for the meet that they are targeting for getting his/her best times of the season
A tapering form; gradual diminution of thickness in an elongated object; as, the taper of a spire.
To become gradually smaller toward one end; as, a sugar loaf tapers toward one end.
Gradual diminution in width or thickness of an elongated object.
Regularly narrowed toward the point; becoming small toward one end; conical; pyramidical; as, taper fingers.
The narrowing in diameter, from butt to tip, of a rod, and the narrowing of the end section of a fly line. The rate of taper determines the action of the rod or line.
The change in wind turbine blade width (chord) along the length.
Taper is the difference between the top profile of the cut versis the bottom profile. The biggest causes of taper are: Distance of nozzle from material. The closer you can get the nozzle to the material, the less the taper. Hardness of material (usually harder materials exhibit the least taper) Speed of cut. Machine too fast and get taper in one direction; machine too slow and get taper in the other direction. Quality of jet exiting the nozzle. The more focused the nozzle, the less taper exhibited. Quality of abrasive used. Thickness of material (thinner materials tend to exhibit more taper than thicker materials) Some machines have the capability to remove V and reverse taper by simply tilting the cutting head to compensate, or cutting at a pre-determined speed to minimize the taper.
A measure of the flatness of a wafer, taper being thicker at the edges than at the center
the style of having the hair cut getting progressively shorter lower down towards the nape of the head. This is generally done with electric clippers and gives a crisper, freshly cut look. The degree of tapering can range from a slight taper to a style in which the hair around the nape and around the ears is completely shaven.
A digital signal processing function that fades a sound in or out between two points. Tapering permanently modifies a sound. Also known as Fade In or Out. Terminating Resistors Also called a terminator. A group of resistors that should be placed on the SCSI cable before the last device on a SCSI chain. Usually the terminating resistor is built inside the SCSI device. There should be no more than two terminators in a SCSI chain: one at the start, built into the sampler or computer, and one at the end. Timbre Tone color. The quality of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds with the same pitch and volume. Also used by Roland to describe a sound used in their part mode in the U series synths.
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A long tapered tail fitted to a desk pen. The taper was often removed from the pen before boxing (since otherwise very long boxes would be required to ship and store them). The early Parker Duofold could be fitted with a taper (replacing the blind cap) to convert it to a desk pen.
European axe; socketed metal bead fitted onto a wooden handle
The machine that applies the tape joint to a container.
Machine that applies tape to the joint or flaps of a fiberboard box.
a cone shaped object or form. Used in various forms on machine parts, to delineate traffic, etc.
Used for lighting fireworks and commonly supplied in cheaper packs. They do not have a flame as such, rather a glowing red hot end. Whilst they are better than matches or a cigarette lighter, they are only suitable for small garden displays. Otherwise use a proper port fire.
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candlewick maker or seller
a pattern of reduced but high intensity yardage leading up to an important meet
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a way to " finish " or secure the strands of a splice
The dimensional difference between the entrance and exit opening of a cavity, or between the entrance and bottom of a blind hole.
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Tape Saturation Tape Wound
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This is a tape backup and restore program that provides a friendly user interface to allow backing/restoring files to a tape drive. Alternatively, files can be backed up to hard disk files. Selecting files for backup and restore is very similar to th
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See crown.
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to draw metal down in cross section or to a point
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To make or cause to taper.