Definitions for "STRANDS"
The three interwoven strands are the main organising concepts of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (i.e. Physical, Personal and Social Learning; Discipline-based Learning; and Interdisciplinary Learning). The three purposes of essential learning represented by the strands, equip students with the interdependent capacities to manage themselves and their relations with others, to understand the world and to act effectively in that world.
In the Sunshine State Standards, the strands name the major categories of content within a subject area. For example, in Language Arts, there are strands for Reading; Writing; Listening, Viewing, and Speaking; Language; and Literature. Mathematics has strands in Number Sense, Operations, and Concepts; Measurement; Geometry and Spatial Sense; Algebraic Thinking; and Data, Statistics, and Probability.
Strands are categories within content areas that describe sets of knowledge and skills. For example, mathematics can include strands such as number sense, computation, and estimation, among others.
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See 5-14 strands.