Definitions for "Finals"
a best-of-five playoff games series
a four team playoff to determine the OUA champion
a successful achievment for every team
The session of a meet where qualifying rounds (prelims) were held previously to determine the finalists (usually 6-16 depending on pool size and whether or not consolation finals are conducted). Results of the finals determine the ultimate placements in a given event. Most “final” types of meets are at the championship level.
The second run of the trial which was drawn from those hounds scoring in the Preliminaries.
Where the final race of each event is competed.
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Finals is the name given to the final exams taken by students at the end of their study. In the past, nearly all of the assessment for a degree was based on the outcome of these exams. Most degrees today rely far less on th eresults from finals and tend to use assessment throughout the duration of the course.
Finals is a 4 issue mini-series published by DC under its Vertigo imprint from September to December 1999. Written by Will Pfeifer and illustrated by Jill Thompson, it is a black comedy about campus life at Knox State University, aka KAOS U, where the maxim “Strength Through Study” is taken very much to heart.
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a pinnacle of professional sports, and we're thrilled to be providing this unique content to our global audience
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a clash of styles
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a process and the sooner you start the process the sooner you can complete the process
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a time when the TRUE all-stars step up and play their game
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a very good example