Definitions for "Nippers"
Small pinchers for holding, breaking, or cutting.
Driven rollers which hold and squeeze the edges of the web between the former board and the cut-off cylinder. Some nippers are gnurled and indent the paper as it passes between them. Some nippers are smooth.
Small, scissors-like cutting tool specifically designed for thread trimming, during finishing of embroidery
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A device with fingers or jaws for seizing an object and holding or conveying it; as, in a printing press, a clasp for catching a sheet and conveying it to the form.
A number of rope-yarns wound together, used to secure a cable to the messenger.
Instrument with two jaws by which a rope or cable may be seized.
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a trademark owned by Arthur von Wiesenberger licensed to Best Cellar LLC
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See Glazier's.
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Nippers in surf lifesaving are young Surf Lifesavers aged between 7 and 13 years old. Unlike senior Surf Lifesavers, the majority of them do not patrol the beaches. The focus for Nippers tends to be on fun, and surf awareness.
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See Thread Clippers.
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Wire cutters.