Definitions for "Caulk"
See Calk, v..
to fill in the seams or cracks of, with a waterproof material such as caulk.
a viscous semisolid material of varying composition used to fill in seams of objects which are exposed to water, such as wooden ships or bath tiles; -- called also calk and caulking. After applying in a semisolid form, the material hardens and dries to form a waterproof seal. It is used in the process of caulking. It is sometimes applied together with a rope-like cord to fill larger seams.
Keywords:  filler, cork, stuff, tube, adhesives
(pronounced cork) Flexible filler in tubes.
The "stuff" that comes in the tube. Generally various fillers and adhesives.
Keywords:  seawater, planks, hull, decking, boat
Any one of a number of substances introduced into the spaces between planks in the hull and decking of a boat that give a smooth, finished appearance while still permitting the passage of a significant amount of seawater.
An extruded bead of synthetic material used to impart water or weather resistant qualities to the glazing of a door.
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Projection on the bottom of a shoe to give the horse better traction, especially on a wet track.