Definitions for "Monochrome"
A painting or drawing in a single color; a picture made with a single color.
An image or screen having only background and foreground colors. The same as black-and-white or bilevel.
In reference to computers, a term applied to a monitor that displays images in only one color – black on white (as is standard on monochrome Apple Macintosh screens) or amber or green on black (as is common on IBM and other monochrome monitors). The term is also applied to a monitor that displays only variable levels of gray. High-quality monochrome monitors are commonly considered to be clearer and more readable than colour monitors of the same resolution.
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Monochrome is the sixth album by Helmet, released in 2006 through Warcon. This is the third Helmet album in a row to be recorded as a three-piece, with new drummer Mike Jost joining veterans Page Hamilton and Chris Traynor. Bassist Jeremy Chatelain, who replaced Frank Bello on the Size Matters tour, rejoined the band for the 2006 Warped Tour in support of Monochrome.
Describes a video mode which only has one component, usually luminance.