Definitions for "Cylindrical projection"
A method of projecting a panorama onto the surface of a cylinder.
Projection resulting from the conceptual projection of the Earth onto a tangent or secant cylinder, which is then cut lengthwise and laid flat. When the axis of the cylinder coincides with the axis of the Earth, the meridians are straight, parallel, and equidistant, while the parallels of latitude are straight, parallel, and perpendicular to the meridians. Mathematically, the projection is often only partially geometric
A cylindrical projection is a type of map in which a cylinder is wrapped around a sphere (the globe), and the details of the globe are projected onto the cylindrical surface. Then, the cylinder is unwrapped into a flat surface, yielding a rectangular-shaped map. Cylindrical maps have a lot of distortion in the polar regions (that is, the size of the polar regions is greatly exaggerated on these maps).