Definitions for "Cross-section"
Keywords:  barn, dam, slice, perpendicular, axis
cutaway view showing the surface that would be left if you cut through something Crystal Lattice This is the orderly, stable structure of the atoms in most metals (except mercury) when they are in their normal solid state. Current the flow of an electric charge through a conductor.
a measure of the likelihood of a given process occurring at an accelerator. The idea is that two objects with a larger cross-sectional area are more likely to hit one another. So, larger cross-sections mean that a process is more likely to occur. Cross-sections are measured in barns, 10-28 m2. A barn is an extremely large cross-section in particle physics. Many interesting cross-sections are measured in pb (picobarns), which are equal to 10-12 barns.
Usually refers to profile revealed when a vertical plane is intersected with data contained in a digital terrain model.
The most accurate method of measuring the thickness of plating. Also can be used to perform hermeticity failure analysis.
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a special kind of map that shows where rocks are underground
a function of the system state that takes its values in the environment of the reference system