Definitions for "RGO"
( Reciprocating Gait Orthosis) - A sophisticated brace commonly used in children with high level spina bifida who are beyond toddler years. It enables reciprocal walking in which one leg is planted while the other swings. Walking is slow, but requires little energy.
Reciprocating gait orthoses. Bilateral long leg braces with a pelvic band and thoracic extension if necessary. Hip joints are connected by a cable system to allow for a reciprocal gait pattern.
Reciprocating Gait Orthosis. A type of long-leg brace used for ambulation by paralyzed people. Uses cables across the back to transfer energy from leg to leg, thereby simulating a more natural gait.
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Rough going. A classification of an area feature. Moderately boggy, rocky or brushy gentle slopes or lower ground or a sunken gulley. [page 12].
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Reflux Gastro-Oesophagien
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Remedial goal option