Definitions for "RODS"
RODS is a real-time computer-based public health surveillance system initially developed at the RODS Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh for the early detection of disease outbreaks .
structures located on the retina that are sensitive to dim light.
Photoreceptor cells that have rod-shaped outer segments and are specialized for the detection of low level light, and do not convey color information.
Either flexible poles, fiberglass or wood for example, for removing blockages in sewers; or graduated measuring devices for estimating internal sewer dimensions.
The wood taken from coppiced trees and used to make hurdles.
Working boater's term for engine controls of the type fitted to Bolinder engines.
Part of the fishing apparatus to which the reel is attached.
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Come in a variety of styles. The style will determine the length of the draperies, the size of the returns and also where the pins will be placed.
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Slang for Connecting Rod. Not to be confused with Push Rods.
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Records of Decisions
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Another name for wire rods.