Definitions for "Capabilities"
competencies or human abilities, of a personal, institutional, managerial or empirical nature that can reduce a designated population, structures, or a physical environment to severe loss or damage from the effects of a hazards or combination of hazards.18–20
The authority to send specific messages to specific objects in a distributed system. In E, you can control a object's access to particular resources (such as a file system) by giving it only certain capabilities.
Resources within a society that influence the type and scale of activity undertaken by individuals and organizations (e.g., natural resources, infrastructure, human resources, technology).
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a slightly faster standard of hard drive that involves a much neater
(CAP) Capabilities are operations performed by the equipment. These operations are initiated through the communications interface using sequences of SECS-II messages (or scenarios).
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How well a piece of hardware or software can perform its function(s); for example, a modem may transmit data at 33Kbps;a digital camera may capture images with 1200 x 800 pixel resolution.