Definitions for "ISH"
In situ hybridization (ISH) is a laboratory technique that uses chemically or radioactively-labelled pieces of DNA to detect specific genes or chromosomes in cells. (cf FISH)
in situ hybridization. Use of a nucleic acid probe to detect and identify specific complementary sequences of DNA in chromosomes or RNA in bacteria, eukaryotic cells, and tissue.
Irish Sport Horse. The traditionally bred Irish Sport Horse or half-bred was a cross between the Thoroughbred stallion and the Registered Irish Draught mare. The half-bred mare when crossed again with a Thoroughbred stallion produced a three-quarter bred. The modern Irish Sport Horse may contain bloodlines from many different breeds including European breeds. The terms Irish Sport Horse, Sport Horse, Irish Hunter, Hunter, Non-thoroughbred are names used to describe the same animal
shit. see also, 'shizzle,' 'shizzlio,' 'shi-shi,' and 'shiggety.'
A qualifier used (often after a slight pause) in Moravian rehearsals e g "Well, that was pretty well spot on -ish". A Moravian measure of pitch, equal to about one-eighth of a semitone
International Society of Hypnosis
Interactive Search Holdings
INNER SELF HELPER. An alter-identity who is devoted to the good of the person and works to maintain internal stability and well-being; may provide helpful information to guide the therapist; rarely participates in external life. INNER WORLD—A seemingly internal realm of mental imagery, often representing the system map, where some identities may interact with each other when they are not participating in external life. This realm can apparently intersect with the spiritual realm, enabling “visual” interaction between alters and demons.
Isolated Systolic Hypertension.
Information Superhighway
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Issue; a particular edition of a fanzine. Usage: a common suffix.
Issue SLD Sealed
Short for "Issue."
evening, and in particular ‘Ishâ prayer, the obligatory night prayer.
Intermediate System Hello. An IS originated packet to an ES.
Used in the context of general equities. Representation of an approximation around the prefix number.
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Compressed Archive File
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Is the termination date, commonly of a Lease.