Definitions for "POLYVINYL CHLORIDE"
Plastic used to make most plastic cards, including smart cards.
A polymer of vinyl chloride used to make a diverse range of cost-effective products with various levels of technical performance suited to a wide range of applications. Many of these PVC products are used everyday and include everything from medical devices such as medical tubing and blood bags, to footwear, electrical cables; packaging, stationery, and toys.
Hard tough plastic solid used for coatings, commonly known as vinyl. Produced by the polymerization of the gas vinyl chloride [CH CHCl].
A “controlled force” shrink film similar to polyolefin, but generally used as a lower force film suited products with unusual shapes and/or a tendency to curl as the film shrinks around them. Can be either “preferentially or biaxially oriented.
Synthetic material used in the manufacture of sports apparel and hardware that we are striving to phase out because of its adverse health and environmental impacts.
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A chemical used in coin flips.