Definitions for "Epilogue"
a short chapter or section at the end of a literary work, sometimes detailing the ultimate fate of its characters
The concluding part of the text of a literary work. It appears at the end of the narrative after the climax. It may bring the reader up to date or offer a final note from the author, but should not attempt to wrap-up the subplots, which should have been resolved before the climax. The only acceptable reason to continue a story, that has ended, is to sell the next book. In contrast to an epilogue, a prologue appears at the beginning of a narrative. See also BACK MATTER CLIMAX NARRATIVE PROLOGUE
Text that appears at the end of a story which brings the reader up to date or offers parting comments, as opposed to a prologue, which appears at the beginning of a story and offers introductory comments.
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Epilogue was an early 1990s progressive rock band from Stoke-on-Trent. They released Just Killing Time, a cassette album, on their own label and the album Hide on Cyclops Records in 1994.
Epilogue is the second album by Finnish gothic-doom metal band To/Die/For.
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Dr. Moshe Yacob Mendelsohn
A speech or short poem addressed to the spectators and recited by one of the actors, after the conclusion of the play.
The closing part of a discourse, in which the principal matters are recapitulated; a conclusion.
a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play
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An appendix to a text or other work intended to wrap up any last loose ends of the plot.
"Epilogue" (airdate July 23 2005) is the season finale episode in season two of the animated series Justice League Unlimited. In addition, this episode also tied together and continued some plot points from the cancelled Batman Beyond animated series, which was written by the same team. This episode focuses around Batman, revealing a dark secret.