Definitions for "Rondo"
A composition, vocal or instrumental, commonly of a lively, cheerful character, in which the first strain recurs after each of the other strains.
See Rondeau, 1.
The form for a piece which has a recurring A section (for example, ABACA).
Rondo was a citrus-flavored soft drink available in limited U.S. markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, one which was "blended from fine essences", and "lightly carbonated". It is mostly famous for its slogan - "Rondo---The Thirst Crusher" - as well as its commercials, featuring people crushing the cans in various ways. The cans featured bright yellow packaging for regular Rondo and green packaging for Diet Rondo.
A high quality, Australian made roller screen by LP Morgan(tm). See LP Morgan(tm) Rondo.
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