Definitions for "Alternating"
Keywords:  furrowing, ribbing
(ribbing and furrowing)
of a current that reverses direction at regular intervals; "alternating current"
current (AC) current in which the electrons reverse their direction regularly
Possession Rule: The possession arrow changes direction after each subsequent jump ball or held ball situation, alternating which team gets possession for the throw-in. The first possession after a held ball goes to the team who lost the opening jump ball to begin the game.
Keywords:  alight, chart, green, white, showing
Alight showing different colors alternately [for example, an alternating green and white light would be noted on a chart as Al GW].
Keywords:  hate, love, turns, feelings, occurring
occurring by turns; first one and then the other; "alternating feelings of love and hate"
Keywords:  pumps, logic, cycle, hours, equalize
Two pump control logic to equalize the number of operating hours between two pumps by alternating each cycle of operation.