Definitions for "Skidding"
Moving logs or felled trees from the stump to a landing, usually with the forward end supported off the ground.
Dragging logs from where they are cut to a convenient landing where they can be loaded for transportation to a sawmill. In the Ouachita Mountains, skidding is usually done with a mechanical skidder (a machine like a large tractor).
the process of sliding and dragging logs from the stump to a landing, usually applied to ground-based as opposed to highlead operations.
Keywords:  sideways, snow, plow, hill, carving
The process of allowing (or forcing) a ski to travel sideways over the snow in relation to the direction of travel, as opposed to carving a ski.
When going down hill you plow the snow with your board.
Moving sideways or forward by working with the edges of your board across the snow to control your speed.
When a microprocessor executes a few instructions after a data breakpoint halts execution. On some microprocessors, execution may not stop until all instructions in its cache have been executed. It is important to realize therefore that a target program may not halt at the precise instruction where the data breakpoint occurred.