Definitions for "Veronica"
(Very Easy Rodent Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerised Archives) A resource-discovery system providing access to information resources held on most (99%+) of the world's gopher servers. In addition to native gopher data, veronica includes references to many resources provided by other types of information servers, such as WWW servers, usenet archives, and telnet-accessible information services.
ery asy odent- riented et-wide ndex to omputerized rchives, a searchable database of documents on Gopher servers which has been around for many years.
Internet gossip has it that this actually stands for Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Network Index to Computerized Archives, but that's beside the point. More simply put, Veronica is an index of all Gopher menu items. Since a Veronica search is based on the name on a menu rather than keywords within databases, these searches tend to be less reliable than other methods, WWWebfx Home Page
A genus of scrophulariaceous plants; the speedwell. See Speedwell.
any plant of the genus Veronica
Veronica is the largest genus in the flowering plant family Plantaginaceae, with about 500 species; it was formerly classified in the family Scrophulariaceae. Taxonomy for this genus is currently being reanalysed, with the genus Hebe and the related Australasian genera Derwentia, Detzneria, Chionohebe, Heliohebe, Leonohebe and Parahebe included by many botanists. Common names include speedwell, bird's eye, and gypsyweed.
A portrait or representation of the face of our Savior on the alleged handkerchief of Saint Veronica, preserved at Rome; hence, a representation of this portrait, or any similar representation of the face of the Savior. Formerly called also Vernacle, and Vernicle.
a cloth with an impression of the face of Christ
A woman who, according to legend, wiped the bleeding face of Jesus on the way to Calvary (saint celebrated on July 12); the bloody image of Jesus' face on the cloth used to wipe his face; any cloth or garment with a representation of the face of Jesus.
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Veronica (born Veronica Vazquez circa 1975 in the Bronx, New York) is a dance music singer and theatrical actress. Along with singers Ultra Nate, Deborah Cox, she is considered to be one of the leading divas of the 1990s club music scene. She also is one of the few Latinas to become a successful artist in the English-language dance music genre.
A single from Elvis Costello's 1989 album Spike, co-written by Costello with former Beatle Paul Mc Cartney. "Veronica" was also Costello's highest-charting Top 40 hit in the United States, peaking at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, #1 on its modern rock chart, and #10 on its mainstream rock chart.
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vesting period VFM
Veronica is a commercial TV channel in the Netherlands, owned by the SBS Broadcasting Group. Other channels of the SBS Broadcasting Group in the Netherlands are SBS6 and NET 5.
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This is a long tapered flower, dense with blooms. Veronica is available in shades of blue, red and pink and can be found all summer long.
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a very special person