Definitions for "UVC"
acronymn for umbilical venous catheter.
Umbilical Venous Catheter. A small plastic tube put in the vein of the baby’s umbilical cord, or belly button. It can be used to give fluids, medicine and nutrition.
Umbilical venous catheter. This small plastic tube is inserted into the blood vessel in your baby's umbilicus. It allows blood and fluid to be taken easily.
(100 to 280 nanometer wavelength) very readily affected by ozone levels. Very little UVC radiation reaches the earth’s surface.
UVC is that part of the UV spectrum between 100 and 280 nanometers. UVC is sometime referred to as germicidal radiation as it can kill microorganisms, including bacteria. The only sources of UVC on earth are artificial as the UVC originating from the sun is completely absorbed by the stratosphere, ozone and atmospheric gases. Few people are ever exposed to UVC.
Not visible to the naked eye, used in sterilizers and kills bacteria, extremely dangerous and can cause damage to DNA