Definitions for "irradiation"
Act of irradiating, or state of being irradiated; as, irradiation of foods with X-rays can preserve their freshness by killing the bacteria that cause spoilage .
The process, considered controversial by many, (including natural food advocates) of using radiation to kill bacteria and other germs in food products, in order to lengthen the shelf-life of the product.
The impinging of radiation on an object or surface.
A process that uses high-energy electrons to cross-link or sterilize a film.
The total energy received from sunlight over a day (sometimes averaged over a year). It is typically measured in kilowatt hours per meter squared.
The exposure of a material to high energy emissions. In insulations for the purpose of favorably altering the molecular structure. Excessive exposure can be detrimental to the physical and electrical properties.
The apparent enlargement of a bright object seen upon a dark ground, due to the fact that the portions of the retina around the image are stimulated by the intense light; as when a dark spot on a white ground appears smaller, or a white spot on a dark ground larger, than it really is, esp. when a little out of focus.
an optical effect of contrast that makes bright objects viewed against a dark background appear to be larger than they really are.
the apparent enlargement of a bright object when viewed against a dark background
Illumination; irradiance; brilliancy.
Fig.: Mental light or illumination.
a column of light (as from a beacon)
(Pavolvian conditioning) the elicitation of a conditioned response by stimulation similar but not identical to the original stimulus
(physiology) the spread of sensory neural impulses in the cortex
A treatment done on pearls and some colored stones for color enhancement that is not always permanent and must be stated on your bill of sale.
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Hot Spot in an image.