Definitions for "Voyager"
Series of probes to the outer solar system.
Launched in 1977, NASA's twin Voyager space probes studied the outer planets before continuing on into deep space. The Voyager probes carried into space a record called "Sounds of Earth," bearing messages and pictures from our planet.
Voyager, book three in the best-selling Outlander series, was written by Diana Gabaldon.
Voyager were an English pop-rock band formed initially in Newbury, Berkshire, as The Paul French Connection by Paul French (vocals, keyboards), Paul Hirsh (keyboards, guitar), Chris Hook (bass), and former member of Mr Big, John Marter (drums). Though they initially saw themselves as a progressive group, they had to tailor their style to a more commercial mood, as evidenced by their debut single "Halfway Hotel". It was their only hit, reaching No. 33 in 1979, and became the title track of their first album.
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One who voyages; one who sails or passes by sea or water.
a traveler to a distant land (especially one who travels by sea)
a person or traveller who explores new lands and worlds
an Otherworld Journeyer, and a Journeyer is one who whirls through Other Worlds, Spinning/Spiraling on multidimensional Voyages through Realms of the Wild
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Primary Server for the Library and its included databases.
previous name for the Monash University library catalogue or OPAC
Voyager is an integrated library system used by many libraries. It was developed by Endeavor Information Systems Inc., which was merged into Ex Libris Group in December 2006.
Voyager is a web browser for the Amiga range of computers. It was developed by a company called VaporWare, who have for many years been considered the leaders in Amiga internet applications.
A conversational system that can engage in verbal dialogues with users about a geographical region within Cambridge, Massachusetts.
High Speed Class 220 diesel electric units build for Virgin Trains by Bombardier.
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a SCUBA diving club in central Scotland
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The Voyager worm is a computer worm that was posted on the Internet on October 31, 2005, and is designed to target Oracle databases.