Definitions for "Design Development"
The process of identifying and verify ing technical solutions to meet the requirements of the Conceptual Design. It brings a Conceptual design to the next level of detail, but not as detailed as the Detailed Design Stage. Depending on the size and nature of the project, it may be a separate Stage in the Project Life Cycle. [D03627] RMW
The preparation of more detailed drawings and final design plans, showing correct sizes and shapes for rooms. Also included is an outline of the construction specifications, listing the major materials to be used.
The term used on projects to describe the transition from the schematic phase to the completion of the design development phase. During this phase ancillary space is developed and dimensions are finalized. Outline specifications are developed into technical specifications; sections are delineated and elevations are defined. See Also: Design Phase - Preliminary
Trent specialist design input by our in-house engineering and draughting team.