Definitions for "friend in need"
a bother I don't need right now
a BUM indeed,but a friend with weed is a friend i need
a fast-paced action story that makes maximum use of its central locations, and which shares out screen time amongst its talented ensemble cast, encouraging strong performances all round
a pest, get rid of him
a Pest Pepper Beast of Bratislava Plastik Buddha Mask Weston Super Scare Mannion Jostick
a pest"), the important lesson here is precisely their mutual affection
a friend in a good deed
a friend in deed/ A friend who bleeds is better/ My friend confessed she passed the test/ And we will never sever," sings Malko, while mindless distortion guitar wallpaper spreads itself thin over metronomic mechanical beats
a friend in deed, a friend with weed is better' notoriously loud
Keywords:  kroff, dinner
a friend with Kroff Dinner
Keywords:  midtown, harlem, sen, nyc, volunteer
a friend I don't need
a Friend in Deed Commercial Midtown, Midtown South Get by on Small Deals Healthy Growth For NYC Natural Food Stores Harlem Offices Grow, But Need is Greater Smaller Commercial Firms Go to India Sen
a friend that needs to change his strategy
Keywords:  norris, roundhouse, chuck, kicked
a friend that is about to be roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris
Keywords:  drome, pal
a pal in drome
a powerful, confident, no-nonsense Survivors episode, which sees lan McCulloch offering a highly impressive debut script
Keywords:  kinda, forget, king, debt, money
a friend in debt That kinda friend king money can forget
Keywords:  avoid
a friend to avoid
a friend to be avoided
Keywords:  poster, popular
a very popular poster
Keywords:  beads
a friend without beads
Keywords:  crafted, story, scored, filmed, well
a well-crafted story, well-filmed, acted, scored and produced
Keywords:  customer, making
a customer in the making