Definitions for "Scanner Darkly"
a bizarre and often hysterically funny novel about an undercover drugs cop who finds himself on his own trail
a faithful and captivating adaptation of Phillip K
a full-length animated feature directed by Richard Linklater using rotoscope visual technique
a prescient warning of the near-term world that awaits us all unless we stand in the way of those who would seek to crush the human soul and shackle an infinite ball and chain around our feet
a ripple in the fabric of human awakening and its impact will send shockwaves through the New World Order architects and make them fully understand that a growing majority are becoming aware of their machinations and plans
an entire feature film that has been cell-shaded frame-by-frame from real actors
a powerful dystopic film set in the terrifying near future-- a world controlled by high-tech surveillance and ruled by a libert
a unique movie that was made by filming action sequences and later animating them
a talky, twisted hodgepodge of sobering ideas centred on people who are anything but sober
Keywords:  imo, little
a little like this, IMO
Keywords:  sad, story, drugs, people
a sad story about drugs and what they do to people
Keywords:  fogged, mirror, warped
a mirror that is fogged, somewhat warped
Keywords:  book, great, adult
a very adult book
Keywords:  reduction, fails, death, even, end
a process of reduction at whose end even death fails to make a difference