Definitions for "CybOrg "
from cyb ernetic + org anism] a bionic human. SF - a robot with human or biological elements.
A human who is in someway modified by technology. This may include adaptations to the corporeal body such as prosthetics or the replacement of the corporeal body with a virtual presence, as in a chat room.
This term refers to a person that is partially flesh and bone, but has one or more robotic appendages electronically linked to their nerves.
Cyborg is a monster truck currently racing in the USHRA Monster Jam series. It is owned and driven by Jack Koberna. It is notable in that it is the only two-wheeled drive vehicle on the circuit, and features an independent front suspension, as the front wheels are the two which are not powered.
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Cyborg is the second album by Klaus Schulze.
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a file added to your palace client that allows you to do different things like zap and msay
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The CybOrg project is intended to produce a modular web-based application framework and working back-office suite, with initial applications like Contact-management, Help-desk, Inventory Reminders, document and file management, calendaring etc. All code is released under the GPL, and we hope to gain both users and developers with time.
a double articulation in which we find both the end of the subject and a new dispersed and refracted subjectivity constructed in cyberspace
an organism that combines artificial and natural parts into one single system
an organism which has certain physiological processes aided or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices
a self-regulating organism that combines the natural and the artificial together in one system