Definitions for "Web Log"
A Web log, for the uninitiated, is a popular and fairly personal content form on the Internet. A personĂ¢â‚¬(tm)s Web log is almost like an open diary. It chronicles what a person wants to share with the world on an almost daily basis. Commonly known by its slang name, blog.
Also known as a blog, an electronic template that stores entries chronologically (like an electronic journal or diary). Web logs are available through the World Wide Web. Users can make their web logs private or public. Web logs begin when Web users post a link to a certain Web page and provide their own commentary on the information contained on that page.
Also known as log file. A file written by your web server keeping a record of every action the server has taken. Log files can be analyzed in complex ways to determine the number of visits to your site and the number of pages that they view. Also known as a blog, an online personal journal. A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. A blog is usually a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. Increasingly used as an effective communication vehicle by companies.
a dynamic medium that constantly grows, evolves and morphs to reflect the essence of its owner and its readers
a great way for the candidate to comment on emerging issues
a relatively simple way to add, for example, course announcements
a simple, inexpensive tool to get communication going and do it so much more efficiently," Bricklin continued
a good alternative to a newsletter for small sites with a single editor/operator
a record of all requests for a file or parts of a file on your site
a place to write on the internet
a tool that allows you to publish links to websites, articles, and other information out on the internet that you have found interesting
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