Definitions for "Blogger"
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Tool or person that preforms the activity of maintaining a weblog (see also WebLog and Blog).
A person who owns or writes for a weblog
A free weblog publishing tool developed by Pyra Labs.
a free agent, while a journalist is bound to the rules of the newspaper, for better or for worse
a journalist if they act like a journalist
a part time journalist, and the necessity of getting a livelihood outside journalism practically guarantees having a recognized unique perspective based on primary experience
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an exhibitionist
Keywords:  guy, unrealted, opines, diary, gal
a citizen who gets a website and just opines on various topics unrealted to politics"
a guy or gal who posts a personal diary on a website
a guy with an opinion and a website he didn't have to pay for
someone who keeps an online journal (called a 'web log' or 'blog'); devoted bloggers post thoughts and web links several times a day.
an individual who maintains a web log, popularly known as blog, on the net
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a stalker's dream - good title, but basically a rant about dull my-life-sucks style blogs
Keywords:  yugo, bench, football, pro, former
a former semi-pro football who can bench press a Yugo
Keywords:  mba, ongoings, latest, visitors, zone
a new communications tool at MBA ZoNe to keep its members and visitors informed of the latest ongoings at MBA ZoNe
Keywords:  entrepreneur, definition
an entrepreneur by definition
Keywords:  alpha, consumer
an alpha consumer
Keywords:  popular, hosting, free, service
A popular and free blog hosting service
a user of an interactive computer service when she creates a blog through an interactive computer service, such as www
Keywords:  author
The author of a blog.