Definitions for "creditworthy"
A creditor's measure of a consumer's past and future ability to repay debts.
Able to demonstrate a history of paying debts in a timely manner and the means to pay back debts. Credit criteria include 18 months of ongoing credit transactions with satisfactory repayment history.
a favorable determination entitling an applicant to receive credit. This status is based on the perceived ability and willingness of the borrower to repay the debt and the lending organization's level of acceptable risk. It also considers other Federal obligations that could jeopardize or be jeopardized by the new debt under consideration.
Financially sound enough to justify the extension of credit or a loan.
having an acceptable credit rating; worthy of having credit extended; as, a credit-worthy customer.
having an acceptable credit rating; "a responsible borrower"
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Judged to be qualified to have credit.
Keywords:  favorable, rating
Having a favorable credit rating.