Definitions for "shader"
Keywords:  vertex, gpu, render, texture, opacity
A material that allows one to alter the opacity, specularity, and illumination (among other qualities) of a texture. Shaders are sometimes used to refer to as materials in general. To see more information on Shaders, see the MaterialsShaders document.
A short script of program commands that define the way the graphic engine processes a texture.
A shader is an algorithm which mathematically describes how an individual material is rendered to an object and how light interacts with its overall appearance.
a general industry term for a system or network of shading elements that help define how an object looks and reacts to light when needed
a little program that calculates a surface for some piece of geometry
a program that calculates how an object's surface reacts to light
A player who overplays the return to one side or the other and thus can be beaten easily by a down the line drive going down the other sidewall.
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Another name for a flat brush.
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Little web game where the user has to find the detail that gradually changes in a picture, before time runs out.
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One who, or that which, shades.