Definitions for "Crazing"
Fine cracks resulting from shrinkage on the surface of glazed pottery, concrete, or other material. The admired crackle in some Oriental potteries and porcelains is crazing produced in a foreseen and regulated way. In common pottery it is often the result of exposure to undue heat, and the beginning of disintegration.
Apparent fine cracks at or under the surface of an organic matrix.
A network of thin irregular criss-crossing lines resembling fine cracks. This may be confined to the glaze, or may go beneath causing discoloration.
Dried paint that has developed lines resembling crazy paving. Causes include incomplete drying of the paint film below when recoating, where the solvent in the topcoat re-dissolves the first coat, or by an aggressive solvent in the topcoat attacking the first coat. If using different types of paint in successive coats you should always do a test area on some excess plastic or cardboard first.
Stress fractures in the plastic that can be caused by improper curing or a chemical reaction from a non-compatible substance (alcohol).
Aging lines that run through the paint on vintage toys and banks distinguishing them from new examples.