Definitions for "Subscribers"
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Term used by carriers to describe a wireless customer. Subscribers is the correct term to use when referring to users in any communication that could be seen by carriers.
Synonomous with end user, customer, and local user.
the user of an individual handset. In some cases, a client or customer equates to a subscriber, in other cases one client includes multiple subscribers.
person agreeing to buy the first shares in a newly formed company.
Persons who agree to invest in a corporation by purchasing shares of stock.
Persons who agree under specific conditions to purchase shares in a corporation.
Members of a health insurance plan
originally meant the same as underwriter ("sub scribe" Latin: write below). The term "subscriber" is most commonly used to describe the person who signs the end of the memorandum of association when a company is formed and become the first members. Can mean anyone who signs up to receive a service.
Readers can become subscribers by indicating whether they would like to receive email notifications whenever a new article or comment is posted to a weblog. They can choose to receive these notifications for all articles, or all comments, or they can indicate particular categories for which they want article, or comment, notifications to be sent.
Consumers of the published change data. These are normally applications.
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Subscribers are the people who set up a limited company.