Definitions for "Butterflies"
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Butterflies was a situation comedy written by Carla Lane mainly shown on BBC2 between 1978 and 1983. All the cast apart from Michael Ripper, who had recently died, reunited for a 13-minute episode in aid of Children In Need in November 2000.
"Butterflies" is a song written by UK Neo-soul duo Floetry, and covered by Michael Jackson.
"Butterflies" is a popular song, recorded by Patti Page in 1953.
Figure-of-eight bent wire used for binding the inside and outside walls to each other. Despite their flimsy appearance (like a bent coathanger) they are incredibly strong.
Color imperfections on a lime putty finish wall which smear out under pressure of the trowel; caused by lime lumps not put through a screen and insufficient mixing of the gauging.
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A component used in earrings. The "Butterfly" attaches the earring to the ear by being slid down the post of the earring that pierces the ear. Also known as "Scroll" pieces.
A component used in the manufacture of earrings for pierced ears. It attaches to the pin thereby holding the earring onto the ear, available in different weights and sizes. Also known as scroll pieces. See findings catalogue for details.
Receptor Incarceration Rectal
A type of engine induction system. Also what some drivers suffer in their stomachs before races.
Cut partially through and spread open to increase the surface area.