Definitions for "Weeding"
Keywords:  outdated, discarded, newer, crop, poor
The process of evaluating your collection for relevancy, utility to the client base, and physical condition and removing those which are deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for the collection. The criteria for weeding are generally agreed upon by all librarians at a site (if the library is a large one). Solo librarians may have to write their own criteria. Weeding is important for libraries having limited space.
Removing unwanted plants by hand from a crop, or tillage action which lightly cultivates the soil for the purpose of destroying the weeds.
tending operation done in the seedling stage in a nursery or in a forest crop that involves the removal or cutting back of all weeds. Cf. Cleaning.
The process of peeling unnecessary vinyl away from a computer cut graphic, leaving only the sections which will make up the final image.
nbspProcess of peeling the matrix away from a computer-cut graphic leaving only the sections representing the final image.
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Process to reduce the number of points used to represent a line. Purpose of this process is to reduce storage space requirements and/or reduce later computation time (less points can mean less computation).
a. & n. from Weed, v.