Definitions for "End papers"
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The folded sheets of paper pasted to the inside of the front and back covers and to the first or last page of a hardcover book. The pasted part of the sheet is called the paste-down and the extension is called the free endpaper.
The sheets of paper added, usually at the bindery, to connect the interior of the covers of a book to the body of the book. The end paper which is next to the cover is pasted to the inside cover, whereas the free end paper is that which is not pasted. Most end papers are of sturdy and strong paper, and many are highly decorative.
The sheets of paper that have half of the sheet glued to the inside of each cover and thereby attaches the block of the book to the covers. The glued half is commonly referred to as the pastedown or ‘fixed endpaper'. The other half is not glued but is left free; it is commonly referred to as the free endpaper. See also marbled.
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Last part of a roll of toilet tissue.
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Another term for endsheets. See ENDSHEETS