Definitions for "Roadster"
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One who drives much; a coach driver.
A description of a two-seater open car of sporty appearance with side curtains, instead of roll-up windows.
It generally refers to a two-seater open car with sporty appearance and having side curtains instead of roll-up windows.
A bicycle or tricycle adapted for common roads rather than for the racing track.
type of motorcycle with no fairing or wind protection, and where the bike's engine and system components are visible. It came back into fashion at the start of the 90s as a tribute to past motorcycles. It is now a key style with subfamilies (basic, retro, urban, racing, etc.).
A roadster is a type of heavy utility bicycle once common in Britain and still very common in Asia and Africa and similar to the styles still seen in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands - although Danish and Dutch bicycles tend to be distinctive, with (among other things) much higher handlebars.
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A horse that is accustomed to traveling on the high road, or is suitable for use on ordinary roads.
a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse
now a term used only in showing classes, a roadster was a stylish, cob-type of horse able to trot fast for long periods
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Enthusiast term for 1953 through 1955 Corvette.
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A clumsy vessel that works its way from one anchorage to another by means of the tides.
A hunter who keeps to the roads instead of following the hounds across country.
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a dual-type vehicle