Definitions for "Circles"
The round scoring area, 12 feet in diameter, with concentric circles 1, 4, and 8 feet in diameter.
Concentric rings on the surface of a pearl. If circles cover over 1/3 of the pearl's surface, it may be referred to as a circle pearl.
Concentric rings formed on the surface of a pearl that are concave in appearance. If circles are apparent on more than 1/3 of a pearl's surface then the term "circle pearl" is applied to describe the shape of a pearl. If less than 1/3 of a pearl's surface is covered by circles, then the circle is considered a blemish and not a shape description.
"Circles (Just My Good Time)" is a single by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (as Madmoiselle E.B.) and duo Busface. It was released in 2005. It peaked at #1 on the Music Week Commercial Club Chart and at #10 on the Australian ARIA Top 20 Dance Chart.
Circles is a gay-themed realistic fiction furry anthology comic written by Stephen Domanski and Andrew French. It features art by Scott Fabianek, more commonly known as "K-9". Although Circles is a comic, issues 0-4 have been compiled into an anthology (pictured) which could classify it as a graphic novel.
The defense is made with circular movements.
Circles is the second album of The Autumn Defense, comprised of multi-instrumentalists John Stirratt and Pat Sansone.
United Methodist Women's small groups are called Circles. You can get more information on the missions page.
a general property of nuclear group I introns
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One of the three suits, sometimes called coins or dots.
one of the three suits; also called balls or dots
A continuous arc starting and ending at the same point.