Definitions for "Batten"
Keywords:  leech, strip, tarpaulin, slate, sail
A strip of sawed stuff, or a scantling;
Sawed timbers about 7 by 2 1/2 inches and not less than 6 feet long.
A strip of wood used in fastening the edges of a tarpaulin to the deck, also around masts to prevent chafing.
Keywords:  scenery, hung, curtains, pipe, woof
The movable bar of a loom, which strikes home or closes the threads of a woof.
A tubular metal bar, sometimes known as a pipe, to or from which overhead lighting instruments can be attached or hung.
Length of steel pipe suspended above the acting area by the rigging system.
Keywords:  sley, shuttle, beater, weaver, jacquard
1.A swinging frame that carries the cylinder of a jacquard machine. 2. The reciprocating part of a multi-space narrow fabric weaving machine which carries the shuttle-landings, shuttles and reeds. 3. See Note under sley 1.
The frame containing the reed which is pulled to and pushed from the weaver when beating up the weft into the fell of the cloth. Known also as a sley or beater. See fell, fly shuttle and reed.
a set of flood s in one housing used either to provide a general onstage wash or to light a cyc. Commonly available units are either linear (four in a line) or square (2x2 array). Strand's f amous S batten was a 10 compartment unit. Different floods in one unit are usually wired to separate circuits and coloured differently, allowing a range of colours to be mixed.
A group of floodlight units mounted in a single row
Compartmented multicolour floodlight unit for stage lighting.
Keywords:  plenteous, glut, fatten, fat, luxury
To make fat by plenteous feeding; to fatten.
To grow fat; to grow fat in ease and luxury; to glut one's self.
The Batten was a British car made in Beckenham, Kent between 1935 and 1938 based on the 1932 Ford Model 18 V-8. The cars were successfully campaigned in trials and racing events.
stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber
insulation; modular blanket of fiberglass wool insulation to fit between studs/rafters
Beam Beam Molded
A symmetrical molding covering the seam in a batten wainscoting assembly. See detail 80.
Alternative term for either bearer or stringer.
Keywords:  hatches, ship, furnish, down, secure
furnish with battens; "batten ships"
secure with battens; "batten down a ship's hatches"
Keywords:  enrich, fertilize, land
To fertilize or enrich, as land.
Keywords:  stick, weaving, yarn, flat, separate
a flat, wide stick used to separate lines of yarn during weaving
Term used to describe vertical components on container sides to which horizontal components are nailed.
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