Definitions for "COGS"
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Cost Of Goods Sold. On an income statement, the cost of purchasing raw materials...
Cost Of Goods Sold. Includes cost of materials, manufacturing & overhead. Does not include profit and customer shipping.
Cost of Goods Sold. COGS is calculated by adding all of the expenses a business incurs as a result of producing its product or service. In a manufacturing business, cost of goods sold includes labour; in a retail or service business, labour is not part of COGS, but is an operating expense.
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CPA Days Sales Outstanding
Clusters of orthologous groups. COGs are groups of related protein sequences that are present in at least 3 phylogenetic lineages ( 21 complete genomes, representing 17 major phylogenetic lineages have been used for the analysis so far). Each COG corresponds to an ancient conserved domain (since it must be present in at least 3 of the deeply branching phylogenetic lineages. See the COGs web site for more details.
the wooden teeth (usually Apllewood) inserted into cast gear wheel to drive mill machinery
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Council of General Synod
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Careers in the Oil and Gas Sector