Definitions for "Ringmaster"
One in charge of the performances (as of horses) within the ring in a circus.
the person who announces the circus acts
the person in charge of performances in a circus ring
The Ringmaster (real name Maynard Tiboldt) is a fictional supervillain who is featured in Marvel Comics. Since his first appearance in Hulk #3, he has turned up as a somewhat pathetic and luckless opponent for virtually every hero in the Marvel universe, ranging from Spider-Man to Howard the Duck.
Ringmaster (1998) is an American comedy film starring Jerry Springer playing (essentially) himself (only with the last name of Farrelly) on a show similar to his own, in this case called simply Jerry. There are three ongoing plots in the film. The primary one surrounds a white trash, trailer park family in which the daughter is sleeping with her mother's husband, prompting the mother to constantly try to outdo her promiscuous daughter's behavior out of spite, including sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend.
Person who maintains the master database for a Web ring.