Definitions for "Charanga"
Keywords:  violin, flute, cuban, timbales, piano
A specific Cuban instrumental format, consisting of rhythm section (contrabass, timbales, and güiro), strings (from two to four violins, or any number of violins with a cello), and one wood flute. The piano was added early in the 1900s and the conga drums in the early 1940s.
A popular Cuban musical style featuring violins, flute and rhythm section.
(cha rahn gah) is a style of instrumentation in Cuban music that features the sound of flute and violins with rhythm section of timbales, bass and guiro. This sound was used to play the Danzon in the early 1900's. Later, the congas from Rumba and the bongos from Son were added along with the piano. The Charanga sound has been incorporated into the modern Songo style.