Definitions for "Trade winds"
south-east winds blowing across the southern Pacific and bringing moist unstable air into the ITCZ. These weaken in an El Niño (cause and effect).
Persistent winds at low latitudes in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, blowing toward the west and the equator.
steady regular winds that blow in a belt approximately 30 N. and 30 S of the equator. In the North Atlantic the trades blow consistently all year round, from the north-east; in the South Atlantic they blow from the south-east, converging just north of the equator. The meeting of the trade winds just north of the equator created the infamous 'doldrums', where sailing ships could be becalmed for days or weeks waiting for a wind to carry them back into the trades.They were known as trade winds because of their regularity, thereby assisting sailing vessels in reaching their markets to carry out trade.