Definitions for "Citizens"
Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution is one of the most well-known work of the historian Simon Schama. It was published in 1989, the bicentenary of the French Revolution, and like much other work in this year, was highly critical of its legacyDoyle, William. The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction.
Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC): A group of independent citizens appointed by the Postmaster General to review the more than 40,000 suggestions for stamp subjects the Postal Service receives each year.
As used in this guide in discussing citizen participation programs, the corporations, government agencies, interest groups and individuals of a community.
the people within the EU. The status of European Union citizens was first introduced in the Maastricht Treaty. The European Union is increasingly focused on the needs of citizens rather than just of national governments.
A citizen is someone who is native to that country or has become one by fillng out many papers.