Definitions for "papers"
registration documents issued for a cat.
Usually refers to a cat's pedigree or certificate of registration.
A cats certificate of registration and pedigree form
Papers represent written or recorded standards, systems, instructions, training records, maintenance records or any other records that relate to the People, Positions or Parts involved or associated with an event, incident or accident.
1. An assemblage of personal and family material of miscellaneous nature as distinct from formal records. 2. A general term used to include more than one type of manuscript or typewritten material.
DM provides a Certificate of Title and Unpacking and Care Instructions with their cars. Franklin provides a Certificate of Authenticity, a Specification and Component Layout Sheet, Unpacking Instructions and a small ID. tag attached to the undercarriage of their cars. To maximize the value of a model don't throw ANY of these things away. If some of the papers are missing most collectors will be satisfied with DM's Certificate of Title and FM's Certificate of Authenticity and Spec/Component Sheet.
Used for rolling marijuana cigarettes, see Zig-Zag
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Used as wraps in the manufacture of Set-Up or Rigid Boxes. They are available in numerous finishes, prints and patterns. Common types include: book, label, manila, Kraft, UV or aqueous coatings, foils, brush finish, embossed, printed and drum or cast coated.
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a stumbling block for so many
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LSD preparation on paper
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Documents providing information, esp. of an official nature about a person, vehicle, business, etc. See paper{9}, n.
writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
The various reports and documents tabled during a Parliamentary sitting.
a registered practitioner, the practitioner may be requested by telephone to supply a letter signed by the practitioner providing the correct application number