Definitions for "Aqueous"
Partaking of the nature of water, or abounding with it; watery.
Made from, or by means of, water.
Solutions have water as the solvent.
Histocompatibility Progressive
Histocompatibility Prednisone
Homologous Prednisolone
Homologous Predisposition
Keywords:  hematuria, ppe
Hematuria PPE
Keywords:  postnatal
Keywords:  pruritic, insecticides
Insecticides Pruritic
Hypersensitivity Regurgitation
Keywords:  granuloma, prevalence
Granuloma Prevalence
Keywords:  hiccup, reflux
Hiccup Reflux
Keywords:  postoperative, heartburn
Heartburn Postoperative
Gonorrhea Pyelonephritis
Histamine Potassium Hydration Preoperative
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Adj. [ Botany
Keywords:  receptor
Said of a wine which appears diluted and lacking concentration