Definitions for "EUL"
End User Layer. A number of database tables and views that reside (conceptually) between the database dictionary/table definitions and client applications, such as Discoverer Plus. The End User Layer is a "meta-layer" that shields end users from the complexity of the database by providing meaningful, business-like terminology for database objects. The EUL controls several elements such as hierarchy templates, formatting information, summary table management and aggregate information. The EUL also controls the SQL generated to extract the information from the database.
Oracle Discoverer's End User Layer. The EUL masks the underlying complexity of the database to provide end users with an easy to understand interface.
Efficient Unit Loads. EUL activities seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future supply chains by promoting harmonisation and integration of transport and storage items (pallets, crates, cases, roll-cages, etc.). RTI (reusable transport items) are an integral part of Unit Loads.
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