Definitions for "Pallets"
A reusable platform on which freight is loaded. Pallets are used to load/unload goods using a forklift.
Wooden platforms used for storing and shipping roofing products.
Basic Components are packaged on wooden slat pallets and shrink-wrapped to prevent movement during shipment.
The part of the escapement which takes power from the escape wheel and delivers it to the pendulum via the crutch with each oscillation of the pendulum or balance
Device of the escapement (s.) transmitting part of the motive force to the balance (s.), in order to maintain the amplitude of oscillations unchanged by freeing a tooth of the escape wheel at one time.
pair of slender, plume-like rods which close the burrow of the shipworm when siphons are withdrawn.
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a narrow heraldic pale.
Includes pallets and pallet parts manufactured primarily from solid lumber.