Definitions for "FTP - File Transfer Protocol"
A common file transfer format used on the internet.
The Internet protocol that allows the viewing, downloading, and uploading of files on remote computers. With FTP you can login to another Internet site and transfer (meaning send or receive) files. Some sites have public file archives that you can access by using FTP with the account name "anonymous" and your e-mail address as the password. This type of access is called anonymous FTP. Macintosh owners use a program called Fetch; one of the best FTP programs for Windows is called WS-FTP.
One method of transferring files over intranets/internet.
Network cameras equipped with an embedded operating system, such as Linux, can use FTP to send images to a web site. No terms are yet available for this letter. H.263 - A standard video-conferencing codec. As such, it is optimized for low data rates and relatively low motion. H.263 is an advancement of the H.261 standard, mainly. It was used as a starting point for the development of MPEG (which is optimized for higher datarates.)