Definitions for "jake"
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Jake was a Christian pop band formed the early 2000s in Alberta, Canada. The band consisted of brothers Toby Penner (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion), Marty Penner (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Josh Penner (guitar, vocals).
okay (most commonly used in the phrase "Everything's jake")
A term often used in the New England states to refer to a good firefighter. One story has the term originating from the corruption of the phrase, "J-key." Years ago, the bed was the most expensive piece of furniture in a dwelling. Since firefighters weren't as good at stopping fire as they are today, they would attempt to remove as many belongings as possible. The bed was too large to carry out in one piece and had to be disassembled using a bed key. The key was shaped like the letter J and called a J-key.
jake supports the management of and linking between online resources and descriptions thereof. jake consists of a database containing information about online journals, databases, search interfaces, and tex
jake is a reference source which makes finding, managing, and linking online journals and journal articles easier for students, researchers, and librarians. jake does this by managing online resource metadata with a database union list, title authority control, linking tools, and a local holdings layer.
n. 1)A homosexual prostitute. 2) A hustler. (Both uses are derogatory.)
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comic, black face character