Definitions for "Vase"
A vessel adapted for various domestic purposes, and anciently for sacrificial uses; especially, a vessel of antique or elegant pattern used for ornament; as, a porcelain vase; a gold vase; a Grecian vase. See Illust. of Portland vase, under Portland.
A vessel similar to that described in the first definition above, or the representation of one in a solid block of stone, or the like, used for an ornament, as on a terrace or in a garden. See Illust. of Niche.
a container usually used to hold flowers ..... return
To dream of a vase, denotes that you will enjoy sweetest pleasure and contentment in the home life. To drink from a vase, you will soon thrill with the delights of stolen love. To see a broken vase, foretells early sorrow. For a young woman to receive one, signifies that she will soon obtain her dearest wish.
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The calyx of a plant.
The American Elm U. americana Vase was listed in Edition 5 of the 1949 Plant Buyers Guide. No details of provenance, or description, of the tree are available, and its status as a true cultivar is uncertain. Green (1964) regarded the tree as "..neither clonal nor a true cultivar".
The body, or naked ground, of the Corinthian and Composite capital; -- called also tambour, and drum.
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a container whose height is greater than the opening or top is broad
a decorative container of urn
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a minor competition and should not be confused with the FA Cup